Media Blasting in Portland, OR

Cooltek is the only company in Portland, Helvetia, Aloha, or Cornelius, OR and the Pacific Northwest Region offering media blasting as part of commercial and industrial HVAC maintenance services. We rely on state-of-the-art equipment to efficiently refurbish your cooling towers and affiliated hardware. Through our media blasting services, your equipment will be ready for grinding, epoxy sealing, painting and more, contributing to a longer-lasting resilience and reliability.

What is Media Blasting

Media blasting uses aggregate materials such as glass, oxide, garnet or other abrasives to remove debris from surfaces and polish them to a high finish. Media blasting can be done wet or dry (slurry) as part of a refurbishing process for on-site metals and fixtures that are too large or complex to be removed, and too delicate for power washing.

We use media blasting to clear away dirt, dust, debris, rust and other matter from cooling towers and their affiliated components. In doing so, we’re able to grind, repair, epoxy and seal cooling towers with precision and thoroughness, while also cleaning them to restore their integrity and longevity.

Our Equipment

We use Graco commercial media blasters when the job calls for media blasting. This equipment is state-of-the-art, designed to deliver blasting results in areas where dust and other microscopic debris may be a concern. As a result, we’re able to serve our Portland, OR clients with customized service, no matter the needs of their cooling tower.

From adjustable pressure, to dust-tamping properties, to safe blasting on any substrate, we’re proud to rely on the best equipment: Graco commercial media blasters. It allows us to provide our customers with immaculate results that are reflected in their cooling tower’s performance and longevity.

Contact Your Media Blasting Specialists Today

If you have a need for media blasting to clean and restore your cooling tower, contact Cooltek today at 503-439-8332. We’ll gladly walk you through the process and discuss how media blasting contributes to better commercial HVAC results.