The cooling tower repair experts

Cooltek has specialized in cooling tower repair since 1997. We understand how cooling towers work, what can go wrong, how to find and repair problems, all with minimum down time. We don't cut corners. The quality and thoroughness of our work means long term savings for you. Our 3-year warranty on wet deck and our epoxy sealing system is the best in the industry.

All Cooltek personnel are licensed and highly skilled. If sub-contractor specialists are needed (electricians, crane operators, etc.), all are licensed and OSHA, OROSHA and WISHA compliant. Cooltek manages and directly supervises each entire project. We're proud of our clean safety record: no accidents or violations ever.

Cooling tower repair is what we do. We cover it all.


Wet Deck: The heart of the cooling tower system, the wet deck is where air and water mix and the actual cooling process takes place. The first sign of trouble usually hits here, when aged material becomes brittle, clogged and inefficient. Cooltek uses the latest in wet deck design and PVC material. We have the expertise needed for proper handling and installation. Wet deck should be replaced every 10 – 12 years.

Overhaul: Sometimes an overhaul is the best repair solution for getting your cooling tower back in proper operating form. Overhaul can bring existing components up to original factory specifications and increase efficiency at about 1/3 of the cost of buying and installing new equipment.

Epoxy Sealing System: Cooltek's unique epoxy sealing system puts a protective barrier between metal surfaces and water, preventing rust and corrosion and significantly extending your cooling tower's life. It's our most frequent overhaul service. Our system combines a specially created epoxy formula with mesh sheeting to form a seal so water-tight, we offer a 3-year

warranty---unmatched in the industry. (In fact, if properly maintained, our sealing system's life expectancy should be 12-15 years.) Cooltek's experience and skill mean total control of the touchy handling details this system requires.

Water Distribution System: Warm water is distributed over the wet deck for cooling through spray nozzles (pressure fed) or drain holes in a water trough (gravity fed). Over time the water nozzles clog with dirt and debris. If not maintained, the cooling tower grows inefficient and costly. Disassembly is sometimes required to properly clean the system. Occasionally older tower systems are simply outdated. Cooltek can upgrade your cooling tower with a state of the art system that adds efficiency and cost savings.

Air Movement System: Whether your cooling tower fan system is centrifugal or axial, it's critical that the air movement system is regularly maintained to deliver the proper air pressure and volume, assuring the correct air / water mix. Impeded air flow can decrease efficiency 10%-15%. Cooltek knows what to look for: motors must provide accurate fan speed; propeller blades must be set at correct angles; belts, drives, shafts, sheaves and other parts are inspected and measured against factory specs to guarantee proper system function and peak efficiency. (We always use factory-supplied parts in air movement system repair but often use after-factory parts in other areas.)


3-Year Warranty: Cooltek stands alone in offering a 3-year warranty on our epoxy sealing system and wet deck. No one in the industry matches that. With proper maintenance, our sealing system should last 12-15 years.