The cooling tower repair experts

Specialization in cooling tower repair since 1997 has honed Cooltek's expertise in everything it takes to keep cooling towers operating at peak efficiency. This knowledge and experience allow us to offer you an added level of insight and service.


Routine Preventive Maintenance Contracts: Talk to us about performing your routine year-round cooling tower maintenance. We'll set up a regular inspection and cleaning schedule to perform necessary routine tasks: inspect and tighten belts; pressure wash wet deck; pressure wash cold water basins; clean water distribution and air distribution systems to assure efficiency. We'll catch any repairs before they become bigger problems and provide you with written reports. By working with Cooltek on a regular maintenance schedule, facility operators get a head start on future maintenance needs and achieve real operating cost savings. This is a huge assist in planning and managing budgets.

Side Stream Filtration: Dirt build-up can be a drag on efficiency and costs. With an ROI of 2 to 2-1/2 years, it's

definitely worth taking a look at a side stream filtration system. Attached to the side of your cooling tower, the system filters dirt and other impurities from the water basin's water before it heads to the heat exchanger. Your cost savings are significant because of the reduced energy consumption at the heat exchanger. In addition, the basin stays cleaner, decreasing the frequency of overall housekeeping. And the filtering process allows water cleaning chemicals to perform optimally, protecting surfaces from deterioration and corrosion.

Consulting: Set up a visit by Cooltek experts to advise you on proper operation of your cooling tower. We can also conduct onsite training for operations personnel in best practices for operating and maintaining your cooling tower to achieve peak efficiency.

Parts: Our years of repair specialization mean expert knowledge of all cooling tower parts. That includes knowing the sources for quality parts at the most economic price. Contact us about the parts you need.